Kristina Penhoet

Kristina creates sculpture using traditional and modern felt-making techniques with the incorporation of other materials, such as glass, metal and fabric, as appropriate for the work. Taking cues from her life and environment, her work is often biomorphic (resembling living organisms, habitats and landscapes) and seeks to find beauty in the strange and ugly. Her most recent work manifests feelings of betrayal, loneliness and abandonment that have become such a universal part of human existence. Her choice of medium as a tactile, natural material reinforces her themes and the organic properties of her work.

After earning a degree in biology, Kristina attended Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, concentrating on sculpture and environmental design. While working in model-making and film production, she pursued a degree in architecture. After 10 years of architectural practice, she rekindled her love of making and discovered fiber as a medium.

Originally from the West Coast, Kristina currently resides in Washington, DC with her family and a naughty dog that wants to be good.